About Wing Tsun (our flavor of Wing Chun)

Wing Tsun, 詠春, is a Southern Chinese martial art originated over 300 years ago during the Qing dynasty. Wing Tsun is a "soft" style that does not counter force with force but instead recycles energy and employs a sophisticated method of response using trained reflexes. Chi-Sao ("sticky hands") training is used to develop and hone these reflexes to specific pressures or triggers so that they become automatic in real situations. Wing Tsun is known to be economical, efficient, and direct in application.

The Wing Tsun program is designed to be realistic and effective in application, self defense, and fighting. The program addresses situations one might encounter on the street including all manner of kicks and punches, grappling, locks, chokes, etc. In fact, the Wing Tsun teaching system has been widely adopted by special combat forces units throughout Europe.