Ip Man's Wing Chun Code of Conduct

  1. Always be disciplined. Grow ethically as a martial artist.
  2. Practice the way of courtesy and fairness. Serve the community and honor your family.
  3. Love your brothers and fellow practitioners. Be united and avoid conflicts.
  4. Limit your desires and lust for pleasures of the body. Preserve always the right spirit.
  5. Train diligently and make it a habit. Keep your quality constant.
  6. Learn to develop spiritual tranquility. Abstain from arguments and fights.
  7. Take part in society. Be prudent, cultured, and (have) gentle manners.
  8. It helps the weak and children. Use your martial skills for the good of humanity.
  9. Transmit the tradition. Preserve this Chinese martial art and its rules of conduct.